Learn To Fly Here?

So you want to have a career in aviation? Maybe it was when you went to your first airshow as a child or maybe it was after a really great trip as an adult that your eyes were opened to the adventure and possibility, and while the industry is not the gold mine of ultra fat paychecks it once was before deregulation, the rewards are WELL worth the investment. The great many options available in the industry are staggering but in this writers continuing series we will focus on the professional pilot path. There are many ways to start flight training, from the small mom and pop flight schools around the country that will happily get you through training at your own speed, to the big national chains that will send you down the pipeline at a sometimes mind numbing pace. Both have their place in flight training and you have to find what fits better for you. Are you able to drop everything for six months to a year and focus on the learning of totally new skills or do you plan to work around a current job or family time and squeeze in training where you can? A third option could be to apply to any number two and four year collages and universities that parter with or have in-house flight schools. While longer in duration, the knowledge you will gain through the more complete aviation education will undoubtedly make for a more informed and safer professional aviator. In some cases the extra education can even cut down on the time it takes a pilot to go from student to airline thanks to an FAA curriculum commonly called the “141 program”. The path that is right for you depends on many personal factors that will require careful study and consideration. In this series will look closely at some of these factors and hopefully help pilots, both students and veterans alike, make a better, more informed decision.


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