Ladies & Gentlemen From The Flight Deck This Is Your First Officer

Aviation is a wonderful world of unexpected adventures. My name is Jillian Grace Dauscher and I am a first officer with Compass Airlines. We all share a common interest, a passion, and for the most part similar goals. Whether aviation is your past career, current career, future career, or hobby (expensive hobby might I add) we all have stories we would like to share and pass on to other aviation enthusiast. So, I know you are all wondering who am I and what is my story…

Well, I was born and raised in beautiful Lake Tahoe, NV. My family is everything to me and I would not be where I am today without my support system. My grandmother and grandfather were both heavily involved in the aviation industry. My grandfather was a pilot on the 727 for TWA, while my grandmother began flying just so she would understand what my grandfather was talking about 24/7, because we all know as much as we try not to talk about aviation…well we just can’t. So my grandmother was a private pilot who was one of the first members of the 99’s. I would always get to hear their aviation stories and would just sit there and dream that my life could be as cool as theirs someday. When I was sixteen I remember it very vividly my mom and I were driving in the car and she asked me what I want to be when I grow up. I was stumped to say the least. She kept throwing out ideas and I would say maybe, but nothing excited me. We were then passing the airport and my mom saw the street sign “Airport Rd”, she then shouted how about a pilot? I didn’t take more than a second to respond, YES! Everything all of a sudden fell into place and made sense, I love aviation so why not pursue it. So, for my seventeenth birthday I got my first flying lesson, and lets just say my parents hadn’t seen a more expensive hobby in their life! I began flight training at the South Lake Tahoe airport and earned my PPL in high school. I then went to Arizona State University to continue my education in their aviation program. After college I flight instructed at Chandler Air Service where I did my flight instructor training. In May 2016 I interviewed and was giving a conditional offer to fly for Compass Airlines. I am now on a continuous adventure, exploring new places, enjoying my career in this crazy world of aviation.

This is just a small introduction about me and how I got to where I am today. In future posts I am going to take you along for the ride of the ups and downs and sacrifices I have made to get to where I am. Specifically the transition process from flight instructor to first officer and my experiences with airline training and that very first flight!

Come fly with me,

~ Jillian Dauscher

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