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We try it all. We have all used products we cannot live without, and we have all made purchases that we wish we had not. Let us help you sort through it all and get you just what you need.

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Regular Columns

Are you a student pilot working toward your private pilot certificate? Maybe you're a CFI looking for some inspiration for lessons. Curious about what goes on in the mind of a newly minted FO? You're sure to find something interesting here.

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Our guest writers are sure to keep you engaged with any number of aviation related topics. Everything from aviation legal advice to what goes on in the air traffic control tower.

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Get Airborne

We are a new online magazine written by airmen for airmen. We are on a mission to help aspiring professional aviators, general aviation pilots, student pilots, and aviation professionals make sense of the often complex and sometimes confusing process of flight training, flight instruction, airline interviews, and ATC hiring.

We know there are countless choices in our market. Choices in flight schools, study aids, flight gear, and even ipad apps. Our gear reviews aim to help you sort through the noise and get you straight to what you need. We review products we have used, we share what we love, and we can tell you what you can and cannot live without.

Through our experiences, both fun and challenging, we hope to provide insight, encouragement, and inspiration to our readers. We are excited to have you here, and we hope you enjoy what we have to share.



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