Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot

etefppConsidering that my usual reading list includes the FAR AIM, FAR FC, and PTS, among others, it is not every day that I come across a book that I want to share with everybody, and endlessly sing the praises of. Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot by Richie Lengel is one of those books I have seen before, but that I have only recently picked up. My flight instructors all had copies, I had seen plenty of students with their own as well, but I was never swayed into buying one for myself. If you are at all like me I hope to sway you into getting one TODAY!

All I can keep telling people is that I wish I had bought this thing sooner. I picked up a copy of the 11th edition from my local pilot shop just ahead of my recent aircraft dispatcher checkride, and I have been hooked ever since. My method for using this excellent reference so far has been this: I look at the PTS for all that I need to know, I use the index in Mr. Lengel’s book to find where the information I need is, I read those pages, take notes, and refer to the federal source material if I need any extra clarification. It has┬ámade studying very easy, and a low pressure activity. The explanations in Everything Explained are fun, inviting, and as informative as you would hope. What’s more is I will often learn more about related and pertinent topics just by how the book is laid out. Each of the 12 chapters aim to explain a major subject related to general and professional aviation. As it says on the cover “all the ‘parts’ + the ‘AIM’ + much more” are all explained within, in plain english. Imagine understanding a FAR the first time you read it, then buy this book and imagine no more!

One of the testimonials on the back cover of the book says “If you can’t find it in this book you probably don’t need to know it”, and I can attest to the truth of this. When I bought this book I assumed that I would primarily use it to prepare for my now upcoming commercial multi-engine checkride and not the ADX check I had coming up at the time. I ended up finding all the info I needed and more for my dispatch ride. Part 121 regulations ops were virtually foreign territory for me, but I was able to prepare, understand, and build my confidence up so that speaking intelligently about the regs was not as frightening a task.

Maybe its the less formal tone, maybe the clipart, illustrations, and diagrams are what make it work for me, whatever it is that makes a great study and quick reference guide Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot is that and more. It is full of engaging imagery, fun asides, and most importantly all the facts you need to know to be a well informed pilot, certificate candidate, or any other aviation professional for that matter. I think anybody who wants to brush up on their ground knowledge should consider this book as a starting point. Pilots and aviation professionals, new and old, will all benefit from learning more, studying more, and discovering new information that will make them better at what they do. Go out and get this book today! I promise you will be like me and wonder why you didn’t get it sooner.

Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot by Richie Lengel is published by Aviation-Press and retails for $59.95 (the best $60 I have spent on myself in a long time).


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  1. If anyone is interested, it’s also available in the App Store for iOS users. I second the author. This book is amazing for clearing up all those FARism’s.

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