David Clark DC PRO-X Headset

David Clark is a very reliable brand for aviation headsets and it just depends on what type of flying you plan to do as to what headset will suit you best. I started with David Clarks when I began flying and have always been satisfied. Moving on to the airline industry I knew I wanted something noise canceling, but also more compact and not as bulky. I found this headset and decided to try it out. My first time using this headset waimg_0304s on my IOE trip, and I could not be more satisfied with my purchase. It goes for a bit less than the Bose A20s or the Lightspeed Zulus, but some people sway away from it because it sits on the ear rather than around the ear. The purchase price for this headset is $695 but it does come with the David Clark 5-year warranty.

The noise canceling for this headset was better than I was expecting! Very simple to use and it can connect via bluetooth to your phone for music. It is very lightweight and I am one with a very sensitive head and very particular about my headsets, but not once on my five day trip did I ever get a headache or feel uncomfortable. The noise is extremely clear and a big plus for me was even without noise canceling on it works perfectly. I am still operating off of the original batteries which have lasted me a month now. I read some reviews prior to purchasing my headset on people hearing a buzzing noise when they had the noise canceling turned on, but I have yet to experience this. I have not used it in general aviation yet, but I do plan to try it. In regards to the airline world it is a great headset that will be very reliable and comfortable. I really could not be more pleased with this headset!

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