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Tyler Gobble

Editor in Chief 

Tyler has loved aviation since he can remember, but he couldn't tell you why. Maybe it was the joy of his first flight, maybe aviation called the loudest. He is the first pilot in his family, and excited to share this new magazine with you.


Frank Euphrat

Staff Writer

Frank knows all about air traffic control, he studied air traffic management at ASU, but now he is working toward his private pilot certificate. Join him as he takes to the sky!


Jillian Dauscher

Staff Writer

Jillian is our resident first officer, and longtime lover of aviation. She is a seasoned pilot with time in gliders, training aircraft, and jets. Her motivation to always aim higher is contagious.


Derek Pettorossi

Staff Writer

Derek is a veteran of the US Air Force, and a great resource given his breadth of experience. Now that he is a CFI he has a whole new perspective to share as he explores a new career in aviation.

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