Abingdon Women’s Pilot Watch (Jackie in seaplane green)


Three years ago I saw the Abingdon women’s pilot watches and fell in love. For christmas my parents got me the Jackie edition in seaplane green. I have had nothing other than an exceptional experience with this watch and the Abingdon Co. customer service. The watch comes with a warranty with the company. This is my first “pilot watch” and I have used all its resources more than I thought I watchwould. For general aviation flying I used the stopwatch function the most to keep track of when to switch fuel tanks and for instrument flying I would use it to time holding legs. I would use the E6B function on occasion when I needed to do a quick calculation and my E6B was in my flight bag in the backseat. Now in the airline industry I refuse to fly without it! I use it to make conversions from celsius to fahrenheit for passenger announcements. Some may think it is easier to just plug it in to the MCDU, but if you take the time to learn the watch it can be just as fast. I then of course use it everyday to tell time and date. My favorite thing about this watch is the look of it. I continuously get compliments on my watch, and if I must say so myself, it is gorgeous!

Now, you are making an investment when you get one because they are pricy, but more than worth it! This watch goes for $595.00 on theabingdonco.com site. But what everyone really

Jackie Watchwants to know is what has broken on it? Or why should someone not buy it? Well, I have only had one very minor issue and that was a dead battery. This is going to happen with every watch so I don’t know if I would even call it an issue. It did occur within the first year of having my watch so I contacted the Abingdon Co. and they offered to just send a battery and have me take it to a jeweler to replace or send it to them. I decided to send it directly to them and I had it back on my wrist within a week!

The ole’ saying “you get what you pay for” is the mentality of this company. They know you are investing a lot of money into a watch that will last you your entire aviation career and they want you to be pleased with your product. I have been more than pleased with my watch and wear it on a daily basis weather I am flying or not. Next on my list is to get the Amelia edition in runway black just to change it up once in a while and get double the compliments!

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